Doggie Daycare: a review

Doggie Daycare: a review

I was struggling with what to do with my dog while I was at work all day. My dog is a Dalmatian, and she is deaf. Her name is Holly. I couldn’t leave her home all day because she would need a bathroom break at some point, and I couldn’t get home to let her out. I also didn’t want to pen her up in the backyard. It is mostly a poured cement patio with no real lawn to speak of. Cleaning up the poop and pee would be icky. So I looked into doggie daycare, and I love it.

What is doggie daycare?

Doggie daycare is a place I can take my dog during the day. It’s like a group doggie play day all day long! They have separate yards for the big dogs and small dogs. The dogs are left in groups, and they spend the whole day either playing or relaxing. But they are always with other dogs.

How does it work?

I found a company that I liked and one that had a location near me, or at least on my way to and from work. I drop Holly off in the morning on my way to work. The best part about this is the company has a website with webcams! I can watch Holly all day long! I can see when she goes to play with other dogs and when she goes off by herself to nap. The staff are really great. They constantly check on the dogs. When I’m done with work, I pick her up on my way home. I don’t have any children, but I expect this is what it’s like for parents: dropping their kid off and picking them up. Only my “kid” can’t tell me how her day went. But it doesn’t matter. I can see from the webcam that Holly is having fun.

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